Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Intro: Echos of Internet Gaming

Hello. Most of you out there wonder many things about life. In my experience the most interesting thoughts pop head up in my head while browsing the internet. So many ideas and people come together on such a massive place and thoughts are endless.

A little about my thought to start though. I am a Gamer, I game for a very long time each day and find a variety of games to be very interesting. Most of these games are MMO's or known as a Multiplayer Massive Online, but what really is interesting on these games, are how many different players and people you meet. Everyone is a bit different and causes me to think very differently each night.

Thoughts from these games echo through my head and cause me to come up with thousands of different moods and expressions in my head. The thoughts of the gamers on the internet cycle in and out of my brain and I can officially speak for many different people when I talk.

The moods and minds of other Gamers are binding with me everyday and on this blog I'd like to explain and share the Gaming Community through the thoughts and actions of thousands of people I meet everyday on the internet. So you, may soon see the thoughts and understand the actions of "Obsessed Gamers."